How to Open a Representative Office In France







Companies involved in the opening of a representative office


Foreign commercial companies who want to explore a new market without creating a subsidiary there.


Purpose of representative office

The purpose of a liaison office is to make contacts, collect information on behalf of the company abroad.


Characteristics of the representative Office

The liaison office does not own legal personality. This is not an independent company. It has no separate assets.

It is therefore the foreign company that meets the commitments made by the representative Office.



The liaison office must be registered with the commercial register.

This registration is mandatory when the liaison office has the character of a permanent office, it builds relationships with others and participates in the commercial activity of the foreign company.

The registration also allows them to open a bank account.

Liaison offices can be installed in business center.



The liaison office is not subject to income tax in France or VAT.

The liaison office is subject to the same social obligations that French companies.


We can take care of the registration of your representative office and its domiciliation from our partners.


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